As COVID-19 continues to strain our communities, your physical and mental health remains our top priority.

Montana/Mountain Health CO-OP is committed to supporting our members and the community through the COVID-19 outbreak. We believe there is an urgency to expand the use of technology by using telehealth services through your provider as well as Doctor on Demand. By utilizing these services, you can reduce your exposure to COVID-19 while maintaining access to necessary care right from your home! In addition to keeping you safe, this will reduce the added strain to Hospitals, Urgent Care Centers and Provider Clinics, allowing them to keep capacity open for patients who need critical care.

We have you covered, here’s how:


  • Covering COVID testing and diagnostics at 100%

  • Covering treatment of acute COVID illness at 100% for Covered Benefits under your plan

  • Covering 100% of telehealth services (to in-network providers) that are performed via telehealth while you remain safe in your home, including Doctor on Demand *until further notice

    • These services do not have to be COVID related

  • Extending telehealth coverage according to Medicare guidelines

We stand united with you and the healthcare community to meet this crisis head-on.

Please reach out to our team at any point with questions.

We’ve got you covered.