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We believe everyone deserves the financial security that comes with affordable health insurance. That’s why Idahoans, Montanans, and Wyomingites have come together to create a less expensive alternative to the big health insurance companies. One that’s run by its members, for its members—not Wall Street. One that shares profits with its members—not shareholders. One that’s focused on your needs—not just ours.

Our Mission

We offer non-profit member-governed health insurance that promotes member engagement and provides access to high-quality medical care.

Our Vision

Champion a more innovative, member-centric healthcare delivery system by promoting the triple aim where providers are engaged to improve population health, improve individual healthcare, and control healthcare spending.

Affordable Health Insurance for Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming.

Mountain Health CO-OP is a trusted 5-year veteran health insurance carrier offering quality, affordable coverage to all Idahoans, including small businesses. We spend as little as possible on marketing and overhead so we can keep our premiums low. And as a nonprofit CO-OP, we must—by law—use the profit we earn to lower prices and provide additional benefits for members.

Why Join the Mountain Health CO-OP?

CO-OP stands for Consumer Oriented and Operated Plan, which means that not only are our plans accepted by providers across the state but as a CO-OP member, you have a voice and a vote in how the CO-OP is run. Our board of directors, who govern our company, must be made up of a majority of our members – not big business. We reinvest all our profit into our Member-owned organization.


Our Plans

Mountain Health CO-OP offers affordable health insurance for individuals and families, as well as businesses. Our plans are accepted by providers across the state. To make our coverage even more affordable, you may also qualify for cost share reductions from the federal government that could reduce your costs significantly. All of our coverage plans offer preventive care services covered at 100%.


A cost share reduction offers financial assistance from the government that lowers your monthly insurance costs.

Depending on income and family size, you may qualify for a cost share reduction to lower your deductible and other out-of-pocket expenses.
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Find out if you qualify (in Idaho) —click here.

Find out if you qualify (in Montana, and Wyoming) —click here. Use our simple tool to see if you qualify for a 

cost-share reduction

for monthly premiums and out-of-pocket costs when you use services. From this tool, you’ll be able to view the estimated monthly cost of our plans, based on our estimate of your eligibility for a reduction. For example, a family of four earning less than $97,000 (or an individual earning less than $47,080) would qualify for a reduction, assuming they don’t have access to health insurance through their employer

Go to the Health Insurance Marketplace to purchase one of our plans. To get a cost-share reduction, you must purchase through www.yourhealthidaho.org, or www.healthcare.gov. Your insurance broker can help you through this process if you would like assistance.

Cost Share Reduction




We’re here to help. If you have a question about one of our plans, how to use your benefits or how to submit a claim, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Customer service and sales support are available by phone from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday – Friday at 855-447-2900.