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* View claims, payments, and remittance advices.

* Verify patients' eligibility, benefit overview, and real-time deductible and out-of-pocket maximum amounts.

* Request and review prior authorizations.

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As a non-profit, member-owned health insurance co-op, we are dedicated to ensuring access to quality cost-effective health insurance for our communities. We offer an array of benefit plans that will fit your patient's individual needs. We believe doctors and hospitals should be fairly compensated for the work they perform.








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If you have any questions please contact Morris McGaugh, Director of Provider Networks for Mountain Health CO-OP in Wyoming, or 307-275-3689

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Claims Submission

Claims should be submitted through our plan administrator's clearinghouse, the Utah Health Information Network (UHIN). Visit the website for more information.

Receiving Funds From Mountain Health CO-OP

We must have a W-9 on file before we can make any payments to you. You can fax your W-9 form to    801-281-6121. If we do not have a direct deposit set up for your group, we will send a paper check.



Prior Authorization Forms (Medical)


Prior Authorization Forms (Drugs)

For patient eligibility and benefits, please call 1-844-262-1560

For prior authorizations for medical services, please call 1-801-587-2851

For prior authorizations for prescription drugs, please call 855‐885‐7695

Please fax inpatient notifications to 1-801-262-0103

Please fax outpatient prior authorization requests to 1-801-213-1358



For questions about appeals, call 1-844-262-1560


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